My First Hat – A Cabled Beanie

A few weeks ago I went to a Cabled Beanie Class led by Sarah Hazell. My knitting skills are not extensive – scarves short, long and twisted are pretty much the extent of my knitting projects so far (I have some WIP mittens and a cardigan and hopefully I will post about those in the future).


Stitch markers are the key!

There were three of us on the course, so we got lots of one to one attention, which was great. Sarah’s pattern requires 50g of Rowan Felted Tweed and we had loads of colours to choose from (and doubles of everything, so we didn’t have to fight over colours Hunger Games style, which was great). I was torn, but chose this red, which is almost orange and has multiple of colour flecks in it. We did a stretchy long tail cast on and then we learned how to do the magic loop method. It’s a strange one – I have to say it’s not my favourite, I think I prefer DPNs; but I can see the benefits for when you want to take your knitting out and about, because you do not have to worry about the stitches falling off the ends of your needles or is that just me? I found it got really tight towards the top of the hat, so I switched back to the DPNs.

My hat took several weeks to complete and without wanting to sound preachy I now have a better understanding of the (true) cost of my Primarni hats of the past. I learned lots of new skills: twisted stitches, cables and how to TINK 🙂 I used a ton of stitch markers and I think that they are crucial to any future projects. In the end I think that I learned as much from my mistakes as anything else and I am really pleased with my hat. I got stuck on the cables and contacted Sarah and she was really helpful and got back to me quickly with great advice and I soon ploughed through those cables.


Twisted stitches and two types of cables (and the obligatory cat hair).

Before I knew it my hat was complete and it was time to decide between the recommended tassel and a pom pom, which I used to hate as a child, but now veer towards. The IG vote went towards a pom pom and as recommended I went for the biggest one I could muster – I had forgotten how long it takes to make a pom pom the ‘old fashioned way’, but it was fun.


Then it was time to block my hat and I fear this is where things took a turn. You can probably guess what’s coming next, either I squeezed too hard or the water was too hot or perhaps both, but I fear I now have a Design Feature Double Felted (is that a thing?) Cabled Beanie. Oh well, I shall wear it with pride. Because I made it and I love it 🙂


Next stop? Mittens.

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