Secret Christmas Linden Swap 2017


Last year following the Sewing Weekender my sewjo was in full force and I felt inspired by @shedabbles and @wethesewing to host a #lindenswap for Christmas, because I had missed theirs. As it was my first time doing something like that I kept it to UK based sewists for ease, but I know that people outside the UK wanted to join in. So, this year I am hosting again and it is open to international sewists too. I want to make sure that everyone, who wants to participate can, but I know that postage costs can quickly creep up, so if you only want to be partnered with someone in your neck of the woods, just let me know.

You can sign up by DMing me on Instagram or by emailing me (sewmyown at gmail dot com). You can sign up until Sunday 8th October 2017 and I shall let you know your partner’s details by Sunday 15th October 2017. Just like last year I would like your partner to have received their gift by December 25th 2017, so please check final posting dates carefully.  But it isn’t the end of the world if your gift arrives late.

Like last year you will not receive a Linden from the person you make for, which hopefully adds to the surprise.

This year the lovely Team at the US based Hawthorne Threads have been kind enough to offer one lucky person a $20 gift certificate, they will be chosen using the random generator (aka Dr. Watson).

We also have generous discounts from four UK based fabric shops and one in Canada.

A huge thanks to Josie and the Team from Fabric Godmother, who are offering a 10% discount on fabrics from 01.09.2017 to 21.10.2017. The discount code is “lindenswap2017”.

A huge thanks to Tivian and the Team at Dragonfly Fabrics, who are offering a 10% discount on the Grainline Linden pattern and fabric  from 01.09.2017 to 31.10.2017. The discount code is “sew55”.

A huge thanks to Lucy at Sew Essential UK, who is offering a 15% discount on all fabrics  from 01.09.2017 to 21.10.2017. The discount code is “Linden15”. They also stock the Grainline Linden pattern .

A huge thanks to Victoria at Bloomsbury Square Fabrics, who is offering a 10% discount on all fabrics and the Grainline Linden pattern from 01.09.2017 to 31.10.2017. The discount code is “linden17”.

A huge thanks to Harriet at Sew Me Sunshine, who is offering a 15% discount on all knit fabrics from 01.09.2017 to 31.10.2017. The discount code is “XMASLINDEN”.

Finally, a huge thanks to Caroline at Blackbird Fabrics, who is offering a 10% discount on all knit fabrics  from 01.09.2017 to 31.10.2017. The discount code is “LINDEN2017”.

Please note:

  1. This is all meant to be a bit of fun and is designed to spread a bit of Christmas (replace with your holiday) seasonal cheer. None of my makes are ever perfect and I do not expect perfection from the person, who kindly makes my Linden. It is a gift and I hope that we can all enter into this with that spirit of kindness front and center. Enough said.
  2. The Grainline Studio Linden pattern uses knit fabric, but you do not need an overlocker.
  3. Check final posting dates at your local Post Office. Here in the UK it was up to 23.12.16 to send within the UK and 03.12.17 for other parts of the world.

What I need to know:

  1. Which view you would prefer.
  2. Your size and any standard adjustments you make.
  3. Your real name and postal address.
  4. Whether you want to be international of not (I will try my best to accommodate everyone, but I will let you know in good time, if I cannot find you a partner).
  5. Any favourite colours or ‘special interests’ that might help your swap partner out when choosing fabric for you and equally any colours that you do not like.
  6. Useful but not essential your blog address and Instagram handle, so that your partner can get a feel for your style.

Please feel free to share the badge on your blog or on Instagram and use the hashtag #lindenswap2017 You do not have to have a blog or be on Instagram to join in though.

It was great seeing all of the makes last year, as well as seeing all of the works in progress popping up. I look forward to seeing what everyone makes and receives this year.

Happy sewing!